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Module Variations

Module Variations / Hilites allow you to vary individual modules which may otherwise inherit the same styling. This is typically achieved by adding a term into the code of the module, based on configuration in the Joomla Module Manager. Therefore, you can add styling for this in the template CSS files which will activate if you decide to use the particular suffix.

Mynxx is accompanied by 15 module class suffixes / variations / hilites. They are subdivided into two distinct categories, the first is iconic with the second is via subtle coloured backgrounds. The first 12 are the icons which are: faq, cart, user, alert, check, info, rss, media, attention, download, arrow & arrow2. The coloured suffixes are: color1, color2 & color3. The icon based suffixes work in all the typical modules in the mainbody, sub-body and bottom areas whereas the coloured suffixes only work in the side columns.

If you were to add and/or use a suffix, follow these instructions. To apply a suffix, login into the administrator and navigate to Extensions > Module Manager. There, select your module and locate the Module Class Suffix input field. Insert your module class suffix in this box and save.